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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Central government accounting reform in Malta : is it just an illusion?Jones, Rowan; Caruana, Josette
2019The challenging task of developing European public sector accounting standardsJorge, Susana; Caruana, Josette; Caperchione, Eugenio
2019The development of EPSAS : contributions from the literatureCaruana, Josette; Dabbicco, Giovanna; Jorge, Susana; Jesus, Maria Antónia
2021Editorial : comparison as a habit - the case for international governmental accounting researchCaperchione, Eugenio; Bisogno, Marco; Caruana, Josette; Cohen, Sandra; Manes-Rossi, Francesca
2016Editorial : politicians and accounting information - a marriage of convenience?van Helden, Jan; Argento, Daniela; Caperchione, Eugenio; Caruana, Josette
2022Emerging issues in state auditing and reflections on the future of state audit in MaltaBaldacchino, Peter J.; Caruana, Josette; Ellul, Lauren
2015EPSAS - worrying the wrong end of the stick?Jones, Rowan H.; Caruana, Josette
2019Exploring the relevance of accounting frameworks in the pursuit of financial sustainability of public sector entities : a holistic approachCaruana, Josette; Brusca, Isabel; Caperchione, Eugenio; Cohen, Sandra; Manes Rossi, Francesca
2019Financial sustainability of public sector entities : the relevance of accounting frameworksCaruana, Josette; Brusca, Isabel; Caperchione, Eugenio; Cohen, Sandra; Manes Rossi, Francesca
2014Giving an impression of central government accounting reform : evidence from MaltaCaruana, Josette
2016Governmental accounting in Malta towards IPSAS within the context of the European UnionJones, Rowan; Caruana, Josette
2018HarmonizationCaruana, Josette
2020Heritage : the priceless hostage of accrual accountingAnessi-Pessina, Eugenio; Caruana, Josette; Sicilia, Mariafrancesca; Steccolini, Ileana
1994Il-ħajja kontemporanja Maltija fir-rumanzi ta' Frans SammutAzzopardi, Christopher; Caruana, Josette
2019IPSAS, ESA and the fiscal deficit - a question of calibrationCaruana, Josette; Grima, Louise
2019Losing control : the gap in multi-level government reportingCaruana, Josette; Zammit, Kimberly
2020Nationalism versus Globalization : public sector accounting, international harmonization and national resistanceJorge, Susana; Caruana, Josette
2014A perspective on the proposal for European public sector accounting standards, in the context of accruals in UK government accountingJones, Rowan; Caruana, Josette
2019PrefaceCaruana, Josette; Brusca, Isabel; Caperchione, Eugenio; Cohen, Sandra; Manes Rossi, Francesca
2021The proposed IPSAS on measurement for public sector financial reporting - recycling or reiteration?Caruana, Josette