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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessing spatial and social dimensions of shared bicycle use in a Southern European island context : the case of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaMaas, Suzanne; Attard, Maria; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2021Automobile insurance fraud detectionCaruana, Mark Anthony; Grech, Liam
2023Can ensemble learning approaches for offside detection work?Buttigieg, Kurt Dylan; Suda, David; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2017Choosing tuning instruments for generalized Rubin-Tucker Lévy measure estimatorsSant, Lino; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2023COVID-19 vaccination attitudes across the European continentSammut, Fiona; Suda, David; Caruana, Mark Anthony; Bogolyubova, Olga
2010Credit risk modelling : an intensity based approachCaruana, Mark Anthony
2015Estimation of Lévy processes through stochastic programmingSant, Lino; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2017Estimation of Lévy processes via stochastic programming and Kalman filteringCaruana, Mark Anthony
2003Generation of prime numbersCaruana, Mark Anthony
2023Identifying compulsive gamblers using Bayesian networksCaruana, Mark Anthony; Farrugia, Christian A.
2022Identifying problematic gamblers using multiclass and two-stage binary neural network approachesButtigieg, Kurt Dylan; Caruana, Mark Anthony; Suda, David
2015Incorporating the stochastic process setup in parameter estimationSant, Lino; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2022Motivators and barriers for shared bicycle use in ‘starter’ cycling cities : evidence from BSS user surveys in three Southern European island citiesMaas, Suzanne; Attard, Maria; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2019Non parametric estimation of the measure associated with the Lévy–Khintchine canonical representationCaruana, Mark Anthony
2017Parameter estimation of Lévy processesCaruana, Mark Anthony
2022Predicting the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus through nearest neighbor classificationTesta, Louisa; Caruana, Mark Anthony; Kontorinaki, Maria; Savona-Ventura, Charles
2012Products of characteristic functions in Lévy processes parameter estimationSant, Lino; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2021Quantization of transformed Lévy measuresCaruana, Mark Anthony
2003Random numbersCaruana, Mark Anthony
2021Special issue – Communications in statistics – case studies and data analysis – 6th stochastic modeling techniques and data analysis international conferenceSkiadasa, Christos H.; Dimotikalis, Yiannis; Caruana, Mark Anthony