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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Attitudes towards the stress created by ever increasing traffic in the Maltese IslandsCatania, Gottfried; Azzopardi, Andrew
2017Financial advisors’ perceptions of ethical and effective attitudes and behaviour in their professionCatania, Gottfried
2014The growing web of influence of social networking sites on interpersonal relationshipsSant, Petra; Catania, Gottfried
2018The impact of technostress on personal well-being : an analysis of individual and group differencesDe Giovanni, Katya; Catania, Gottfried
2019Men’s experience of their partners’ breast cancer diagnosis, breast surgery and oncological treatmentCatania, Anna M.; Sammut Scerri, Clarissa; Catania, Gottfried
2016Photographs as aids in eliciting existential themes in cognitively intact elderly adultsDarmanin Kissaun, Greta; Catania, Gottfried
2013The relationship between age and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in workers in a Maltese cultural contextCatania, Gottfried; Randall, Raymond
2018Same roots different branches: the study of personality by researchers from different disciplinesCatania, Gottfried; Darmanin Kissaun, Greta
2023A study about ‘the perceived effect of traffic on our wellbeing’ amongst the Maltese populationAzzopardi, Andrew; Catania, Gottfried; University of Malta. Faculty for Social Wellbeing
2014The unintended consequences of motivational techniques : goal setting and unethical behavior in the Maltese financial services industryCatania, Gottfried
2023Will boys be boys? Attitudes towards masculinity and effeminacy in menCatania, Andrea; Catania, Gottfried; Lauri, Mary Anne