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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Access to electoral rights : MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2021Afterword : forced migration, state violence and the right to healthDeBono, Daniela
2023Autonomous migration and transgressive solidarity : the case of the El Hiblu 3DeBono, Daniela; Mainwaring, Ċetta
2014[Book review] Migrant smuggling : irregular migration from Asia and Africa to EuropeDeBono, Daniela; Suter, Brigitte
2011[Book review] Migration and human rights : the United Nations Convention on Migrant Workers’ RightsDeBono, Daniela
2017'Burning without fire' in Sweden : the paradox of the state's attempt to safeguard deportees' psychosocial wellbeingDeBono, Daniela
2015Country report on citizenship law : MaltaButtigieg, Eugene; DeBono, Daniela
2021Criminalizing solidarity : search and rescue in a neo-colonial seaMainwaring, Ċetta; DeBono, Daniela
2013A ‘disempowering system’ : democratic practices militating against the realisation of human rights of irregular migrants in MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2012“Human rights for the Maltese first” : irregular migration, human rights and the need for a cosmopolitan approachDeBono, Daniela
2015Humane and dignified? Migrants' experiences of living a "state of deportability" in SwedenDeBono, Daniela; Rönnqvist, Sofia; Magnusson, Karin
2018In defiance of the reception logic : the case for including NGOs as human rights monitors in the EU’s policies of first reception of irregular migrantsDeBono, Daniela
2013Irregular migration and the 'Southern European model' of migrationKing, Russell; DeBono, Daniela
2013'Less than human': the detention of irregular immigrants in MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2016Let me thrive : a study on foster care in MaltaDeBono, Daniela; Muscat Azzopardi, Marian
2020The Libya-Italy migration corridorDeBono, Daniela
2022Migrants in MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2019Narrating the humanitarian border : moral deliberations of territorial borderworkers on the EU’s Mediterranean borderDeBono, Daniela
2013Naturalisation procedures for immigrants : MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2011'Not our problem' why the detention of irregular migrants is not considered a human rights issue in MaltaDeBono, Daniela