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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Childhood mortality in Malta : how do we fare?England, Kathleen
2015Contribution of congenital anomalies to neonatal mortality rates in MaltaGatt, Miriam; England, Kathleen; Grech, Victor E.; Calleja, Neville
2020The effect of global warming on mortalityCalleja-Agius, Jean; England, Kathleen; Calleja, Neville
2015Epidemiology of cardiovascular mortality in the Maltese IslandsEngland, Kathleen
2016The evolution of life expectancy in Malta over half a decadeEngland, Kathleen; Vogtand, Tobias; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha
2017Excess all-cause and influenza-attributable mortality in Europe, December 2016 to February 2017Vestergaard, Lasse S.; Nielsen, Jens; Krause, Tyra G.; Espenhain, Laura; Tersago, Katrien; Bustos Sierra, Natalia; Denissov, Gleb; Innos, Kaire; Virtanen, Mikko J.; Fouillet, Anne; Lytras, Theodore; Paldy, Anna; Bobvos, Janos; Domegan, Lisa; O’Donnell, Joan; Scortichini, Matteo; De Martino, Annamaria; England, Kathleen; Calleja, Neville; Van Asten, Liselotte; Teirlinck, Anne C.; Tønnessen, Ragnhild; White, Richard A.; Silva, Susana P.; Rodrigues, Ana P.; Larrauri, Amparo; Leon, Inmaculada; Farah, Ahmed; Junker, Christoph; Sinnathamby, Mary; Pebody, Richard G.; Reynolds, Arlene; Bishop, Jennifer; Gross, Diane; Adlhoch, Cornelia; Penttinen, Pasi; Mølbak, Kåre
2019The impact of demographic changes in Malta on health and the health system over the past two decadesEngland, Kathleen; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2017Life expectancy, mortality and elections : their association during elections in MaltaLautier, Elaine Claire; England, Kathleen; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha; Calleja, Neville; Gauci, Dorothy
2019Modeling mortality rates in Malta using GEE modelsCamilleri, Liberato; England, Kathleen
2016Modelling mortality rates using GEE modelsCamilleri, Liberato; England, Kathleen
2015Monitoring of winter deathsEngland, Kathleen; Calleja, Neville
2008-07The new death certificate : your role as certifiersEngland, Kathleen
2016An overview of the epidemiology and local health services offered for colorectal cancerEngland, Kathleen; Farrugia, Dorianne; Agius, Dominic; Dalmas, Miriam
2015Pitfalls in death certificationEngland, Kathleen
2011Prognoses for head and neck cancers in Europe diagnosed in 1995–1999 : a population-based studyZigon, Giulia; Berrino, Franco; Gatta, Gemma; Sánchez, María José; Dijk Boukje, Annemarie van; Eycken, Elizabeth van; Francisci, Silvia; Dalmas, Miriam; England, Kathleen; EUROCARE Working Group; Malta National Cancer Registry
2010The relationship of ambient temperature and humidity with mortality on the Maltese Islands 1992-2005England, Kathleen; Camilleri, Liberato; Calleja, Neville; Debono, Roberto; Porter, Saviour; Plapp, Sabrina
2017A review of the impact of social determinants on health in MaltaDeguara, Michelle; England, Kathleen; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha
2015Smoking and lung cancer mortality in MaltaEngland, Kathleen; Gauci, Dorothy
2019Twenty years of advocacy for public healthGrech, Kenneth; England, Kathleen
2016An update in breast cancer epidemiology and healthcare services in MaltaAttard, Jason; Dalmas, Miriam; England, Kathleen