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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Cosmic growth in ƒ (T) teleparallel gravityCapozziello, Salvatore; Caruana, Maria; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Sultana, Joseph
2018Cosmological bouncing solutions in extended teleparallel gravity theoriesde la Cruz-Dombriz, Álvaro; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Sáez-Chillón Gómez, Diego
2020Cosmological bouncing solutions in f (T, B) gravityCaruana, Maria; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson
2017Cosmological reconstructed solutions in extended teleparallel gravity theories with a teleparallel Gauss-Bonnet termde la Cruz-Dombriz, Alvaro; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Sáez-Chillón Gómez, Diego
2019-06-16Eks votiSpiteri, Charles B.; Farrugia, Gabriel
2017Enhancing a simulator and visualization platform for human activity datasets : PacSimFarrugia, Gabriel
2016A GIS database of large boulders along the north-eastern coast of MaltaFarrugia, Gabriel
2018Gravitational waves in modified teleparallel theoriesFarrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Gakis, Viktor; Saridakis, Emmanuel N.
2020Gravitoelectromagnetism, solar system tests, and weak-field solutions in f (T, B) gravity with observational constraintsFarrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Finch, Andrew
2016Growth factor in f (T, T) gravityFarrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson
2021-01-17Iffissat fl-armar tal-knejjes u dejjem jipprova jagħmel dak li jaraw għajnejhPortelli, Ramona; Farrugia, Gabriel
2016-12Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy : modified gravity researchSaid, Jackson; Farrugia, Gabriel; Finch, Andrew; Pace, Mark
2016Investigating the landscape context and the architectural idiosyncrasies of the late medieval church of San Mikiel is-Sinċir at Rabat, MaltaFarrugia, Gabriel
2019-08-18L-inkwiżituri f'Malta u t-tifkiriet tagħhomSpiteri, Charles B.; Farrugia, Gabriel
2008L-iżvilupp tal-Qrendi matul iż-żmienFarrugia, Gabriel
2019Polarization of gravitational waves in symmetric teleparallel theories of gravity and their modificationsSoudi, Ismail; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Gakis, Viktor; Saridakis, Emmanuel N.
2017The role of a referee appointed by the CourtFarrugia, Gabriel
2016Solar System tests in f(T) gravityFarrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Ruggiero, Matteo Luca
2017Some aspects of reconstruction using a scalar field in f (T) gravityChakrabarti, Soumya; Said, Jackson; Farrugia, Gabriel
2019The spirituality of the Maltese corsairs : valorising the ex-votos at the church of Madonna tal-Ħerba, Birkirkara, as a special interest visitor attraction in MaltaFarrugia, Gabriel