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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The clinical bank of BBMRI.mtVella, Joanna; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Laura; Galdies, Ruth; Scerri, Jeanesse; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Scerri, Christian A.; Camilleri, Alexander; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Farrugia, Rosienne; Camilleri, G.; Pace, N.P.; Zammit, E.; Said Conti, V.; Grech, Godfrey; Saliba, Christian; Soler, Doriette; Vella, Norbert R.; Borg, Isabella; Said, Edith; Camilleri Podesta, Marie Therese; Ellul, Bridget; Felice, T.; Grima, David; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Felice, Alex E.
2018Diagnosis of mitochondrial disorders by whole exome sequencingVella, Joanna; Laurie, S.; Borg, Joseph J.; Soler, Doriette; Vella, Norbert; Aquilina, Josanne; Said, Edith; Borg, Isabella; Felice, Alex E.
2018Differential expression of KLF1 in family studies and their role in globin gene switchingGrech, Laura; Cutajar, Jeremy; Caruana, Mary Rose; Scerri, Christian; Galdies, Ruth; Formosa, Robert; Borg, Joseph J.; Felice, Alex E.
2022Epigenomic analysis of KLF1 haploinsufficiency in primary human erythroblastsHeshusius, Steven; Grech, Laura; Gillemans, Nynke; Brouwer, Rutger W. W.; Dekker, Xander T. den; IJcken, Wilfred F. J. van; Nota, Benjamin; Felice, Alex E.; Dijk, Thamar B. van; Lindern, Marieke von; Borg, Joseph J.; Akker, Emile van den; Philipsen, Sjaak
2018Hb F Malta 1 : a biomarker for the developmental control of globin gene switchingCamilleri, Alexander; Galdies, Ruth; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Grech, Laura; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Borg, Joseph J.; Scerri, Christian A.; Felice, Alex E.
2006Hb F Malta I in association with Hb F Sardinia (AyT) and Hb Valletta in heterozygotes : quantification of the six globins suggests developmental control of the XMN-I site and interplay with the (AT)xTy sequence in connection with globin gene switchingFelice, Alex E.; Borg, Joseph J.; Cassar, Wilma; Galdies, Ruth; Pizzuto, Monica; Caruana, Maryrose; Scerri, Christian
2018Malta BioBank ( in RD-ConnectVella, Joanna; Soler, Doriette; Scerri, Christian; Vella, Norbert; Aquilina, Josanne; Borg, Isabella; Said, Edith; Spiteri, A.; Dalli, J.; Ryabova, L.; Pace, Malcolm; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Laura; Camilleri, Alexander; Zammit, E.; Said-Conti, V.; Pace, N.; Vassallo, Josanne; Felice, Alex E.
2018The Malta BioBank investigates mitochondrial disorders through a collaborative BBMRI-LPC projectVella, J.; Laurie, S.; Matalonga, L.; Borg, Joseph J.; Soler, D.; Vella, N.; Aquilina, J.; Dalli, J.; Said, E.; Borg, I.; Felice, Alex E.
2018Mitochondrial DNA typing of the MalteseVella, Joanna; Bodner, Martin; Huber, Nicole; Zimmermann, Bettina; Borg, Joseph J.; Felice, Alex E.; Parson, Walther
2018Novel beta globin gene cluster rearrangements and deletions in the Maltese islandsCamilleri, Alexander; Galdies, Ruth; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Grech, Laura; Borg, Joseph J.; Scerri, Christian; Felice, Alex E.
2018The role of FLVCR1 isoforms on inter-erythrocytic distribution of human foetal haemoglobinGrech, Laura; Scerri, Jeanesse; Mizzi, Clint; Galdies, Ruth; Scerri, Christian A.; Ijcken, Wilfred van; Özgür, Zeliha; Gillemans, Nynke; Borg, Joseph J.; Philipsen, Sjaak; Felice, Alex E.
2018Tracing Maltese genetic originsVella, Joanna; Bodner, Martin; Huber, Nicole; Geppert, M.; Zimmermann, Bettina; Borg, Joseph J.; Felice, Alex E.; Roewer, L.; Parson, W.
2019A twenty-five year prospective clinical review and family studies revealed new globin gene regulators for Hb F inductionFelice, Alex E.; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Laura; Scerri, Christian A.; Galdies, Ruth; Philipsen, Sjaak