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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Book reviewsMallia-Milanes, Victor; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Mangion, Giovanni; Vella Bonvita, Roger; Galea Scannura, Charles
1974Book reviewsWettinger, Godfrey; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Galea Scannura, Charles; A.B.; Cassar, Paul; Luttrell, Anthony T.
1981Book reviewsGrima, Joseph Francis; Galea Scannura, Charles; Ellul, Michael
1975Book reviewsBorg, Vincent; Mangion, Giovanni; Galea Scannura, Charles; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Cassar Pullicino, J.; Vella, Andrew P.
1989Bormla fi żmien il-FranċiżiGalea Scannura, Charles
1982The building of the Cottonera fortifications : a Maltese protest against taxationGalea Scannura, Charles
1995Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici (1897-1948)Galea Scannura, Charles
2000Devozzjonijiet Marjani f'BormlaGalea Scannura, Charles
1981The duties of the Secreto during the period of the HospitallersGalea Scannura, Charles
1990Ftit mil-istorja tas-seklu sbataxGalea Scannura, Charles
1989Ftit storja mill-Kalkara ta' fuqGalea Scannura, Charles
2003Hjiel ta storja... grajjiet tat-tieni nofs tas-seklu sbataxGalea Scannura, Charles
2003Hjiel ta' storja ... Bormla fl-ewwel zminijiet tal-paroccaGalea Scannura, Charles
2005Il-Knisja ta' Santa LienaGalea Scannura, Charles
2010Il-Knisja ta’ San Pawl f’BormlaGalea Scannura, Charles
2007Il-Kunċizzjoni fil-KottoneraGalea Scannura, Charles
2004Il-Kurunazzjoni ta' l-1905Galea Scannura, Charles
2006Il-parroċċa fi żmien l-Isqof AstiriasGalea Scannura, Charles
2012L-ahwa ZammitGalea Scannura, Charles
2015L-Isqof BalaguerGalea Scannura, Charles