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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The family Ceratopogonidae (Diptera, Nematocera) in MaltaGatt, Paul
2015The family Simuliidae (Diptera) in MaltaGatt, Paul
2008First record of Oestrus ovis Linnaeus, 1758 from Malta, and case reports of myiasis from the Maltese Islands (Diptera: Brachycera)Gatt, Paul; Zammit, Trevor
2008A further two species of snail-killing flies (Diptera : Sciomyzidae) from the Maltese IslandsGatt, Paul; Ebejer, Martin J.
2012Milichiella lacteipennis (Loew, 1866) is associated with beeswax (Diptera, Milichiidae)Gatt, Paul; Mifsud, David
2010Mosquitoes in Malta : Preliminary entomological investigation and risk assessment for vector-borne diseases (Diptera: Culicidae)Schaffner, Francis; Gatt, Paul; Mall, Sabine; Maroli, Michele; Gianfranco, Spiteri; Melillo Fenech, Tanya; Zeller, Herve
2009New distributional data on sandflies from rubble walls in the Maltese Islands with an illustrated key to the Maltese species (Diptera: Phlebotominae)Gatt, Paul; Williams, Josianne; Mifsud, David
1990Pseudoainhum : a dermatological oddityGatt, Paul; Pace, Joseph L.
2016A right to play : a legal answer to the plight of modern footballGatt, Paul
2005Smir Lagoon (Northern Morocco) and its surroundings : an environmental management approachCassar, Louis F.; Gatt, Paul; Lanfranco, Edwin; Lanfranco, Sandro; Mallia, Adrian
2001-12Some true flies (Insecta, Diptera) reared from a nest of the Spanish sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis) in MaltaGatt, Paul
2015The use of ICT in the teaching of Maltese and teachers’ concernsGatt, Paul
2006-07What works for jellyfish stings?Gatt, Paul