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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A channelopathy mutation in the voltage-sensor discloses contributions of a conserved phenylalanine to gating properties of Kv1.1 channels and ataxiaHasan, Sonia M.; Bove, Cecilia; Silvestri, Gabriella; Mantuano, Elide; Modoni, Anna; Veneziano, Liana; Macchioni, Lara; Hunter, Therese; Hunter, Gary J.; Pessia, Mauro; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina
2012Expression, purification and characterisation of human copper-zinc superoxide dismutase protein and human-escherichia coli copper-zinc superoxide dismutase chimeric proteinGrixti, Justine May; Farrugia, Claude; Hunter, Gary J.; Hunter, Therese
2015miRNA influences in NRF2 pathway interactions within cancer modelsAyers, Duncan; Baron, Byron; Hunter, Therese
2017-12Molecular mechanisms of the sleep wake cycle : therapeutic applications to insomniaGrima, Melanie; Hunter, Therese; Zhang, Yimeng
2004Novel polymorphisms influencing transcription of the human CHRM2 gene in airway smooth muscleFenech, Anthony G.; Billington, Charlotte K.; Swan, Caroline; Richards, Susan; Hunter, Therese; Ebejer, Martin J.; Felice, Alex; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Hall, Ian P.
2016-12Role of protein structure in drug discoveryBonetta, Rosalin; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Seychell, Brandon; Vella, Marita; Hunter, Therese; Hunter, Gary J.
2014The structure of protein molecules : in celebration of the International Year of Crystallography, 2014Hunter, Gary J.; Vella, Marita; Bonetta, Rosalin; Farrugia, Diane; Hunter, Therese
2018Vitamin D in autoimmune & neurodegenerative disordersMallia, Theresa; Hunter, Therese