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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Digital transformation and data governance : top management teams perspectivesVelinov, Emil; Kadłubek, Marta; Thalassinos, Eleftherios; Grima, Simon; Maditinos, Dimitrios
2023Digital transformation, strategic resilience, cyber security and risk managementGrima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios; Cristea, Mirela; Kadłubek, Marta; Maditinos, Dimitrios; Peiseniece, Līga
2009The effect of mergers and acquisitions on the performance of companies – the Greek case of Ioniki-Laiki Bank and Pisteos BankMaditinos, Dimitrios; Theriou, Nikolaos G.; Demetriades, Efstathios
2023ESG integration as a risk management tool within the financial decision-making processKuzmina, Jekaterina; Maditinos, Dimitrios; Norena-Chavez, Diego; Grima, Simon; Kadłubek, Marta
2013Evaluation of e-banking dimensions by Greek customersDimitriadis, Efstathios; Mandilas, Athanasios; Maditinos, Dimitrios
2019Financially constrained firms : the impact of managerial optimism and diversification on firms’ excess value : the case of GreeceMaditinos, Dimitrios; Tsinani, Alexandra; Sevic, Zeljko; Stankeviciene, Jelena
2011Herding by mutual fund managers in the Athens stock exchangeTheriou, Nikolaos G.; Mlekanis, George; Maditinos, Dimitrios
2020Incentives for the adoption of e-government by Greek municipalitiesMaditinos, Dimitrios; Sidiropoulou, Niki N.
2010Intellectual capital and business performance : an empirical study for the Greek listed companiesMaditinos, Dimitrios; Sevic, Zeljko; Tsairidis, Charalampos
2011Knowledge management enabler factors and firm performance : an empirical research of the Greek medium and large firmsTheriou, Nikolaos G.; Maditinos, Dimitrios; Theriou, Georgios
2014Looking for synergy with momentum in main asset classesMacijauskas, Lukas; Maditinos, Dimitrios