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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Addressing practical challenges of mutation testingCachia, Mark Anthony; Micallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2022Assessing task difficulty in software testing using biometric measuresCamilleri, Daryl; Micallef, Mark; Porter, Chris
2016Automatically generating runtime monitors from testsCauchi, Abigail; Chircop, Luke; Colombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Micallef, Mark; Pace, Gordon J.
2013A case study on graphically modelling and detecting knowledge mobility risksMicallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2014-11Challenges faced when forcing malware execution down hidden pathsGatt, James; Vella, Mark Joseph; Micallef, Mark
2016Do exploratory testers need formal training? An investigation using HCI techniquesMicallef, Mark; Porter, Chris; Borg, Andrea
2013-11Equivalent mutant detection via SEEM (symbolic execution for equivalent mutants)Cachia, Mark Anthony; Micallef, Mark
2011An event-driven cartographic approach to modelling software engineering knowledgeCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2011An event-driven language for cartographic modelling of knowledge in software development organisationsMicallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2017Exploring the link between test suite quality and automatic specification inferenceChircop, Luke; Colombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark
2014-11Extracting monitors from JUnit testsColombo, Christian; Micallef, Jonathan; Micallef, Mark
2016Extracting runtime monitors from testsColombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark; Spiteri, Keith
2013Facilitating and extending software testing through monitoring techniquesColombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark; Pace, Gordon J.
2012Il-pubblikazzjoni : Ilwien il-festi MaltinMicallef, Mark
2016-11Improving the automatic runtime monitor generation process via pruning : a way forwardChircop, Luke; Colombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark; Francalanza, Adrian; Pace, Gordon J.
2014-11Improving the Gherkin specification language using aspect-oriented techniquesAquilina Alamango, John; Colombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark
2008Information driven SDLC conceptsCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2012Integrating mutation testing into agile processes through equivalent mutant reduction via differential symbolic executionCachia, Mark Anthony; Micallef, Mark
2022-07Investigating cognitive workload during comprehension and application tasks in software testingCamilleri, Daryl; Micallef, Mark; Porter, Chris
2018Investigating information anxiety in the Maltese ICT industryMicallef, Mark