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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Current issues of corporate integrated reporting development in RussiaAkhmetshin, E. M.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Shevchenko, S. S.; Ratnikova, I. P.; Gazizyanova, Y. Y.; Zherelina, O. N.
2018Institutional analysis of the regulatory and legal framework for financial reporting control in RussiaAkhmetshin, E. M.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Trofimova, L. B.; Probin, P. S.; Grigorieva, O. G.; Smirnova, V. V.
2018Institutional methodology of the formation of the public sector reporting concept in accordance with IPSASAkhmetshin, E. M.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Trofimova, L. B.; Kamolov, S. G.; Trapaidze, K. Z.; Pavlyuk, Albert V.
2016Investment attractiveness of small innovational business under the conditions of globalization and integrationErmakova, Anna N.; Vaytsekhovskaya, Svetlana S.; Malitskaya, Viktoria B.; Prodanova, Natalya А.
2020Principles of forming a modern accounting and analytical model of commercial organization in digital economyPlaskova, N. S.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Dikikh, V. A.; Kerimov, V. E. O.; Kurochkina, I. P.; Prokofieva, E. V.
2018Statistical methods for analyzing financial statements of Russian organizations in the context of IFRS implementationAkhmetshin, E. M.; Demidova, L. N.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Savchina, O. V.; Trofimova, L. B.; Ratnikov, K. S.
2019Sustainable development of territories based on the integrated use of industry, resource and environmental potentialVoronkova, Olka Yu; Iakimova, L. A.; Frolova, I. I.; Shafranskaya, Ch. I.; Kamolov, S. G.; Prodanova, Natalya А.
2019Techniques for assessing the investment attractiveness of a commercial organization based on classical methods of strategic economic analysisProdanova, Natalya А.; Plaskova, N. S.; Dikikh, V. A.; Sotnikova, L. V.; Nikandrova, L. K.; Skachko, G. A.
2018Transformation of the tax system during the Middle Ages : the case of RussiaNigamaev, A. Z.; Gapsalamov, A. R.; Akhmetshin, E. M.; Pavlyuk, Albert V.; Prodanova, Natalya А.; Savchenkova, D. V.