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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An analysis of audit report lags in Maltese companiesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Grech, Loraine; Farrugia, Konrad; Tabone, Norbert
2020An analysis of the board of directors composition : the case of Maltese listed companiesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Camilleri, Janice; Grima, Simon
2021Audit committees in Maltese listed companies and their perceived effectiveness : an assessmentBaldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Debono, Enrica Maria; Grima, Simon
2021Audit quality and resilience beyond the role stress model : a Maltese perspectiveMangion, Chantal; Tabone, Norbert; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Grima, Simon
2022The barriers and effectiveness of management monitoring by Maltese listed boardsBaldacchino, Peter J.; Callus, Abigail; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2023Board diversity in selected large Maltese family-controlled businesses and its implications on corporate governancePisani, Britney; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2022Board gender diversity in Maltese equity-listee and large public sector entitiesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Mercieca, Marelaine; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2023The board mix of Maltese listed entities and its corporate governance implicationsCaruana, Annie; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2021Board of director diversify and its corporate governance implications in Maltese equity-listed companiesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Abela, Jean Paul; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon
2022Communication barriers between external auditors and client/management : a Maltese perspectiveBaldacchino, Peter J.; Vassallo, Jodie; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2020Corporate governance guideline relevance to Maltese family public interest companies : a small state perspectiveBaldacchino, Peter J.; Cachia, Karl; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2020Corporate governance transparency in small listed entities : the case of MaltaBaldacchino, Peter J.; Duca, Nirvana; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon
2023Designing a characteristics effectiveness model for internal auditGrima, Steven; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Grima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren
2018Drivers and drawbacks of an external auditing careerBaldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Micallef, Lara Gail; Grima, Simon
2023-12Ethical conduct and code of ethics compliance among Maltese internal auditors : an analytical perspectiveMifsud, Mariah; Calleja, Carlo; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon
2024An examination of preference share issuance by companies listed on the Malta stock exchangeEllul, Lauren; Manché, Bernice; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon
2014Financial audit report modifications in MaltaBaldacchino, Peter J.; Bezzina, Frank; Tabone, Norbert; Vassallo, Jean Paul
2023-12Impact of COVID-19 on audit risk assessment procedures : insights from MaltaEllul, Lauren; Ellul, Kylie-Ann; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon
2022-04The Maltese central co-operative fund and its financing of co-operatives : an analysisBaldacchino, Peter J.; Cini, Anna Marie; Tabone, Norbert; Grima, Simon
2024Maltese stakeholder perceptions of the elements and values in cooperative conceptBaldacchino, Peter J.; Apap, Melania; Tabone, Norbert; Ellul, Lauren; Grima, Simon