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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D facial reconstruction from 2D portrait imageryMatthew, Caruana; Vella, Joseph G.
2018Assessing cetacean surveys throughout the Mediterranean Sea : a gap analysis in environmental spaceMannocci, Laura; Roberts, Jason J.; Halpin, Patrick N.; Authier, Matthieu; Boisseau, Oliver; Nejmeddine Bradai, Mohamed; Cañadas, Ana; Chicote, Carla; David, Léa; Di-Méglio, Nathalie; Fortuna, Caterina M.; Frantzis, Alexandros; Gazo, Manel; Genov, Tilen; Hammond, Philip S.; Holcer, Draško; Kaschner, Kristin; Kerem, Dani; Lauriano, Giancarlo; Lewis, Tim; Notarbartolo di Sciara, Giuseppe; Panigada, Simone; Raga, Juan Antonio; Scheinin, Aviad; Ridoux, Vincent; Vella, Adriana; Vella, Joseph G.
2019Automating footwear impressions retrieval through textureFarrugia, Neil; Vella, Joseph G.
2012Central-southern Mediterranean submarine canyons and steep slopes : role played in the distribution of cetaceans, bluefin tunas and elasmobranchsVella, Adriana; Vella, Joseph G.
2016A conflict resolution abstraction layer for eventually consistent databasesCassar, Rebecca Kai; Vella, Joseph G.; Ellul, Joshua
2021The conservation of the endangered Mediterranean common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) : current knowledge and research prioritiesVella, Adriana; Murphy, Sinéad; Giménez, Joan; Stephanis, Renaud de; Mussi, Barbara; Vella, Joseph G.; Doukara, Kamel Larbi; Pace, Daniela Silvia
1996-07Converting extended entity-relationships models into an object-oriented data modelVella, Joseph G.
2021Facts and outcomes of the Mediterranean short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) workshopPace, Daniela Silvia; Mussi, Barbara; Vella, Joseph G.; Vella, Adriana
2021Footwear impressions retrieval through textures and local featuresVella, Joseph G.; Farrugia, Neil
2018High level architectural modelling for representing the extract, transform and load processSpiteri Staines, Tony; Vella, Joseph G.
2021HTAP with reactive streaming ETLVella, Joseph G.; Nezval, Vitezslav; Camilleri, Carl
2020-12Incorporating security features in system design documents utilized for cloud-based databasesZahra, Rebecca; Vella, Joseph G.
2020-12Information systems and management scienceGarg, Lalit; Kesswani, Nishtha; Vella, Joseph G.; Xuereb, Peter; Lo, Man Fung; Diaz, Rowell; Misra, Sanjay; Gupta, Vipul; Randhawa, Princy
2022Initial optimization techniques for the cube algebra query language with the relational model as a targetMercieca, Thomas; Vella, Joseph G.; Vella, Kevin
2020Investigating movement detection in unedited camera footageSciberras, Samuel; Vella, Joseph G.
2020-12Link prediction based on spatio-temporal networksKelly, Steer; Vella, Joseph G.
2000-05Materialised views performance in a data warehouse environmentVella, Joseph G.
2020-04Mining massive time series data : with dimensionality reduction techniquesBorg, Justin; Vella, Joseph G.
2019Multi-dimensional indexes in DBMSsMercieca, Thomas; Vella, Joseph G.
2016Report of the 1st International Workshop "Conservation and research networking on short‐beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in the Mediterranean Sea"Pace, Daniela Silvia; Mussi, Barbara; Vella, Adriana; Vella, Joseph G.; Frey, Silvia; Bearzi, Giovanni; Benamer, Ibrahim; Benmessaoud, Rimel; Gannier, Alexandre; Genov, Tilen; Giménez, Joan; Gonzalvo, Joan; Kerem, Dan; Kamel, Larbi Doukara; Milani, Cristina; Murphy, Sinéad; Natoli, Ada; Öztürk, Ayaka Amaha; Pierce, Graham John