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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Caching dynamic content from syndicated web sitesPisani, Derrick
2015The characteristics and consequent limitations of distributed data designMintoff, Charlene
2013Effect of human movement on the body coupled communications channel in body area networksAttard, Simon; Zammit, Saviour
2012An empirical investigation of the capacitive Body Coupled Communications channel for Body Area NetworksAttard, Simon; Zammit, Saviour
2006EUMEDGRID : grid computing in Malta and the MediterraneanVella, Kevin; Sultana, Robert; Cushing, Reggie; Ruggieri, Federico; Barbera, Roberto; Prnjat, Ognjen; Tanlongo, Federica; Andronico, Giuseppe; Karayannis, Fotis
2011Infrastructure-dependent wireless multicast over 802.11n WLANVella, Jean-Marie; Zammit, Saviour
2020Live streaming in a hybrid CDN-P2P architectureMuscat, Nicholas
2005Low-latency inter-thread communication over gigabit ethernetFenech, Keith (2005)
2006MLRS : a resource server for the Maltese languageRosner, Mike; Fabri, Ray; Attard, Duncan; Gatt, Albert
2001Multiple model adaptive estimation for multiuser detection in CDMA communicationJaward, M.H.; Kadirkamanathan, Visakan; Fabri, Simon G.
2014Networks of networks : the last frontier of complexity-a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
1995An occam style communications system for UNIX networksVella, Kevin
2001PODS : location spaces in action calculiFrancalanza, Adrian (2001)
2003Publishing on the WWW : part 9 : video codecs and decompressorsGrech, Victor E.
2013Shifting niches for community structure detectionGrappiolo, Corrado; Togelius, Julian; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2003A summary of research in system software and concurrency at the University of Malta : I/O and communicationCordina, Joseph
2016Threat analysis of ‘Virtual Host Confusion’ on TLSBonnici, Kyle