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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Ghax ir-ricerka tghid 1 : program 1-18Borg, Carmel
2008Ghax ir-ricerka tghid 2 : program 1-17Borg, Carmel
2016-10Giving back to the research communityKenely, Wilfred
2014-03A good cause for researchCachia, Mario
2014-03Green chemistry for the environmentDebono, Anthony
1995Il-Htiega tar-ricerka xjentifikaFelice, Alex
2020Il-verdett tal-istoriċiFarrugia, Wayne; Grech, Sergio
2021Impacts of COVID-19 and social isolation on academic staff and students at universities : a cross-sectional studyLeal Filho, Walter; Wall, Tony; Rayman-Bacchus, Lez; Mifsud, Mark C.; Pritchard, Diana J.; Orlovic Lovren, Violeta; Farinha, Carla; Petrovic, Danijela S.; Balogun, Abdul-Lateef
2018In search of perfect siliconMule Stagno, Luciano
2011Intelligent molecules for medical applicationsMagri, David C.
2020IntroductionBonello, Pat
2015IntroductionBaldacchino, Godfrey
2019Introduction [Centre for Labour Studies : Biennial Report : 2017-2018]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2021Introduction [Centre for Labour Studies : Biennial Report : 2019-2020]Baldacchino, Godfrey
1975Journal of Educational Affairs : volume 1 : issue 1Attard, David J.
1966Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 3 : issue 2Aquilina, J.; Farley Hills, David L.
2020Keeping up the hopeSebu, Cristiana
1976L-istudent fis-socjetaAquilina, G.
2006Lectures 4 : program 15 : money for here and home : economic strategies of migrant womenWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Hellermann, Christiane
1988Libraries and research in Malta : an outline historyXuereb, Paul