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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Aspect-oriented programming runtime-enforcement of temporal properties in security-critical softwareColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2017Backdoor encryption policies : a legal dilemmaSaliba, Bernice
2015The boundaries of freedom of expression on social media : regulating incitement to commit crimes and hate speech in an online environmentHili, Annabel
2014-11Cloud and mobile security assurance : a memory forensics approachVella, Mark
2018Comparison of a shoulder surfing resilient graphical password scheme to text-based authenticationGrech, Nathaniel
2011Computer health and safety awareness among Maltese 13-14 year old girls and boysCristina, Maureen
2013Data protection in an ever-changing technological environmentCaruana, Claudio
2017Detection of fast flux botnetsAzzopardi, FrankPaul
2008Dynamic event-based runtime monitoring of real-time and contextual propertiesColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2016File carving for digital investigationBorg, Duncan
2009-09FLACOS’09 Workshop proceedingsPace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2015Information systems security and audit firmsSpiteri, Cristian
2017An investigation into the perception of security for mobile devicesGiacchino, Kurt
2012Legal aspects of distributed denial of service attacksSchembri, Katia (2012)
2016A machine learning based approach for intrusion prevention using honeypot interaction patterns as training dataZammit, Daniel
2017Memory forensics of control flow integrity violationsCilia, Rachel
1997Misuse of the information highway : criminal sanctions and some legal remediesMifsud Bonnici, Aron
2001The notion of hacking in computer crime : a comparative analysis of computer crime legislationCamilleri, Kevin A.
2009Offline runtime verification with real-time properties : a case studyColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Abela, Patrick
2015On verifying Hennessy-Milner logic with recursion at runtimeFrancalanza, Adrian; Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna