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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Advanced 3D secure online payments : improving single factor authentication schema in an insecure environmentMinchev, Hristo (2013)
2007Aspect-oriented programming runtime-enforcement of temporal properties in security-critical softwareColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2014Aspects of database security for web based application developmentCamilleri, Martika Ann (2014)
2023Assessing future development needs in cloud computing cyber security : a systematic literature review of literature reviewsBarbara, Tristan (2023)
2017Backdoor encryption policies : a legal dilemmaSaliba, Bernice
2015The boundaries of freedom of expression on social media : regulating incitement to commit crimes and hate speech in an online environmentHili, Annabel
2021Casting exploit analysis as a Weird Machine reconstruction problemAbela, Robert; Vella, Mark Joseph
2024Chief information security officer : a vital component of organizational information security managementCiekanowski, Marek; Żurawski, Sławomir; Ciekanowski, Zbigniew; Pauliuchuk, Yury; Czech, Artur
2014-11Cloud and mobile security assurance : a memory forensics approachVella, Mark Joseph
2018Comparison of a shoulder surfing resilient graphical password scheme to text-based authenticationGrech, Nathaniel
2011Computer health and safety awareness among Maltese 13-14 year old girls and boysCristina, Maureen
2021Computer security and communication issues in automobiles : identification and analysis of security issues using a threat modelling approachConti, Gianluca (2021)
2018Contracts over smart contracts : recovering from violations dynamicallyColombo, Christian; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2021Cybersecurity as the main challenge to the effective use of digital technology platforms in e-commerceBartczak, Krzysztof
2023Cyberspace and related threatsNowicka, Julia; Kopczewski, Marian; Ciekanowski, Zbigniew; Król, Agnieszka
2010Danger theory and intrusion detection : possibilities and limitations of the analogyVella, Mark Joseph; Roper, Marc; Terzis, Sotirios
2013Data protection in an ever-changing technological environmentCaruana, Claudio
2017Detection of fast flux botnetsAzzopardi, FrankPaul
2012Distress detectionVella, Mark Joseph
2012Distress detection (poster abstract)Vella, Mark Joseph; Terzis, Sotirios; Roper, Marc