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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Accuracy of observation and testimony of a police officerCassar, Paul
1986Admissibility of post-hypnotic testimonyKingston, Kimberley A.
1977Ballistics evidenceCalleja, Maurice E.
2019Blue Lives 2019Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2016Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system in digital forensicsFarrugia, Neil
2009Crime scene investigation : the importance of the revolution in science and investigative techniques to solve crime and the role of the forensic expertsScerri Ferrante, Juliana (2009)
2023Criminal profiling and its use in crime solvingFarrugia, Julia (2023)
2013Financial parallel investigations and the confiscation of proceeds from serious crimesFarrugia, Ursula Maria Francesca
2020The identification of body fluids through microbiological markersSpiteri, Jasmine (2020)
2000Il-Pulizija : volume 10, no. 1 : 2000Ellul, Martin; Malta Police Force
2023-12Il-Pulizija : volume 30, no. 3 : 2023Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
1984-10Il-Pulizija : volume 5, no. 5 : 1984Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
1989-02Il-Pulizija : volume 7, no. 7 : 1989Ellul, Martin; Malta Police Force
1989-12Il-Pulizija : volume 7, nos. 11-12 : 1989Ellul, Martin; Malta Police Force
1988-12Il-Pulizija : volume 7, nos. 5-6 : 1988Ellul, Martin; Malta Police Force
2010The "In Genere" : is it an effective tool for the investigation and prosecution of crime?Agius, Angèle
2016The power of strip search by the executive police : a critical analysis through past and recent case lawSammut, Melanie
1984Psychological pitfalls in the search for evidenceCassar, Paul
2011A response towards identity theft : a comparative analysisButtigieg, Beryl Jean
1996The scene of the crimeMalta Police Force