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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Clinical update : dentistryCamilleri, Simon; Camilleri, Audrey; Camilleri, George E.; Camilleri, Joseph; Camilleri, Josette; Cassar, Alex; Mulligan, Kevin M.
2016Comparison of the dental anomalies found in maxillary canine-first premolar transposition cases with those in palatally displaced canine casesSultana Scerri, Erica; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2008The connected campus : a blue sky approach to developing the virtual learning environment 2.0 (VLE 2.0) of IVIDET (International Virtual Dental School)Cox, M.J.; Dunne, S.; Hensten, Arne; Manzanares, M. Cristina; Onisei, D.; Paganelli, C.; Reynolds, Patricia A.; Rotgans, J.; Stagnell, Sami; Wilson, N.H.F.; Camilleri, Simon
1994Dental Association of Malta international conference, Malta '94 : 50th anniversary celebrations, 10-12th February 1994 : souvenir programmeDental Association of Malta
2015-03The dental probe : issue 53 : March 15Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2015-06The dental probe : issue 54 : June 15Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2015-09The dental probe : issue 55 : September 15Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2015-12The dental probe : issue 56 : December 15Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2016-03The dental probe : issue 57 : March 16Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2016-06The dental probe : issue 58 : June 16Muscat, David; Dental Association of Malta
2008Ectopic Maxillary Canines : segregation analysis and a twin studyCamilleri, Simon; Lewis, Catherine M.; McDonald, Fraser
2016The establishment of an erosion risk assessment model in preschool childrenGatt, Gabriella
1993-08Exploring perceptions of creative activities in occupational therapy.Camilleri, Joseph
2005Maxillary canine anomalies and tooth agenesisCamilleri, Simon
2005Mesiodens preventing eruption of a permanent central incisorDePasquale, Sandra
2010Morphologic and developmental disturbances of permanent teeth following trauma to primary dentition in a selected group of Maltese childrenScerri, Erica; Gatt, Gabriella; Camilleri, Simon; Mupparapu, Muraldihar
2007The quality of public and private dentistry in Malta: patients' perceptions and experiencesBezzina, Bernard
2015-07Research, teeth, and the communityKenely, Wilfred
2013-06RIDT newsDuca, Edward
2007Unerupted incisors characteristic features and associated dental anomaliesBartolo, Adriana