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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Accounting for the heterogeneity in inter-generational links in educational attainment across EuropeBaslevent, Cem; Kirmanoglu, Hasan
2018Adaptive control by regulation-triggered batch least-squares estimation of non-observable parametersKarafyllis, Iasson; Kontorinaki, Maria; Krstic, Miroslav
2018Application of fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometric models for the detection of vegetable oil adulterants in Maltese virgin olive oilsLia, Frederick; Morote Castellano, Alejandro; Zammit-Mangion, Marion; Farrugia, Claude
2022Application of supervised chemometric techniques and synchronized excitation-emission spectrofluorometric analysis for the verification of Maltese extra virgin olive oilsLia, Frederick; Zammit-Mangion, Marion; Farrugia, Claude
2013An approximate maximum likelihood interpretation of partial least squares (PLS) S. Co. 2013 ConferenceBorg Inguanez, Monique; Kent, John T.
2014Capital flight and unemployment in Nigeria : an empirical investigationAfolaranmi, Tobi Benjamin
2016Causality relationship between public investment and private investment : the case of IndonesiaArini S, Prima Rosita; Siregar, Baldric
2015Comparing the performance of different approaches to discriminant analysisFarrugia, Glen (2015)
2019-01Determinants of financial performance : evidence from Ethiopia insurance companiesAbebe, Aster Ketema; Abera, Meseret Tadesse
2018-09Determinants of micro-insurance business performance in EthiopiaWorku, Abel; Asmare, Aregu
2014Determinates of commercial banks liquidity : internal factor analysisMashamba, Tafirei
1988Disequilibrium labour market models : a democratic approachBriguglio, Lino
2023Earnings quality during COVID-19 pandemic : evidence from South African listed companiesFonou-Dombeu, Nyanine C.; Nomlala, Cyril B.; Nyide, Celani J.
2019-01The effect of competence, experience, independence, due professional care, and auditor integrity on audit quality with auditor ethics as moderating variableKertarajasa, Astro Yudha; Marwa, Taufiq; Wahyudi, Tertiarto
2022-04The effect of e-service quality dimensions on behavioral intensions of accountants : the moderating roles of ease of use and emotional benefitsKuzey, Cemil; Dinç, Muhammet Sait; O'Shaughnessy, Denise
2022Electric vehicles market in PolandLotko, Małgorzata; Szuster, Mariusz
2021An empirical study on the impact of selected factors on the price of goldEtiar, Taha (2021)
2012Evaluating the performance of principal component regression as a method to overcome the problems arising from multicollinearity and high dimensional dataGauci, Leanne (2012)
2022The influence of managerial, digital, relational and behavioural skills on the perception of barriers and drivers of implementing digital intelligent and sustainable logisticsKalinowski, T. Bartosz; Raźniewska, Marta; Brzeziński, Jakub; Adamczak, Michal
2023-01Influencing attributes on revenue growth : an empirical analysis from SMEs in TanzaniaMwombeki, Frank A.