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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Active versus passive investing : an empirical study on the US and European mutual funds and ETFsPace, Desmond; Hili, Jana; Grima, Simon
2015Active versus passive investing : an empirical study on US and European mutual funds and ETFsPace, Desmond
2013An adaptive texture-depth rate allocation estimation technique for low latency multi-view video plus depth transmissionCordina, Mario; Debono, Carl James
2016Analysing the properties of ordinary least squares estimators of regression models in the presence of time series variablesGatt, Claire (2016)
2018An analysis of audit fee determinants in Maltese non-profit organisationsFarrugia, Sarah Frances
2020An analysis of the distribution and price determinants of Airbnb rentals in MaltaFearne, Rafael (2020)
2010Analyzing cross-sectional data related to student engagement using GLMs and hierarchical random coefficient modelsDarmanin, Maristelle (2010)
2014Analyzing longitudinal data using general linear mixed models versus generalized estimating equationsGomez Blanco, Kirsty (2014)
2019An application of Lasso Poisson Regression in configural frequency analysis for breast cancer analysisSant, Katya
2010Applying prediction techniques to reduce uplink transmission and energy requirements in mobile free-viewpoint video applicationsDe Raffaele, Clifford; Debono, Carl James
2019Artificial neural networks as an alternative to a traditional statistical modelling approach : a comparison through an insurance applicationAarohi, Luke
2020Assessing spatial and social dimensions of shared bicycle use in a Southern European island context : the case of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaMaas, Suzanne; Attard, Maria; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2021An assessment of stock market overreactionFalzon, Joseph (2021)
1997The attitude towards advertising by medical practitioners and the general public : some evidence from MaltaCaruana, Albert; Carey, Claire
2020Auditor's experience, professional commitment, and knowledge on financial audit performance in IndonesiaSunyoto, Yonathan
2021Bicycle sharing systems and their role in the promotion of cycling as a mode of transport in southern European island citiesMaas, Suzanne (2021)
2021Climate change, not human population growth, correlates with Late Quaternary megafauna declines in North AmericaStewart, Mathew; Carleton, W. Christopher; Groucutt, Huw S.
2014A comparison of penalized regression techniquesSchembri, Lynsey (2014)
2020Conditions of marketing and organizational innovation of small and medium-sized enterprisesZastempowski, Maciej; Ignasiak-Szulc, Aranka; Cyfert, Szymon
2021Constructing a commercial property price index for MaltaMuscat, Aleandra (2021)