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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Bird-trap of unknown antiquity at Ta' Cenc, GozoWood, John
1993Carmel SaccoWood, John
2004Cigarette smoking across three Maltese generationsSant Portanier, Charlotte; Sant Fournier, Marianne; Montefort, Stephen
1998A clay tobacco pipe from the Citadel, Gozo (Malta)Wood, John
2000Clay tobacco pipes from Malta. A local product or imported? A re-examination of the evidenceWood, John
1999A collection of tobacco pipes at Floriana, MaltaWood, John
1999A controversial viceWood, John
2013Description of various smoking pipesWood, John
2022Determination of 4-(Methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-Pyridyl)-1-Butanone (NNK) arising from tobacco smoke in airborne particulate matterAquilina, Noel; Havel, Christopher M.; Harrison, Roy M.; Ho, Kin-Fai; Benowitz, Neal L.; Jacob III, Peyton
2015Discovery of a pipe found in Victoria, GozoWood, John
2013Does smoking increase the need for the use of immunomodulator treatment in Crohn's disease patients?Ellul, Pierre; Saliba, Christian; Azzopardi, Neville; Grech Margueurat, D.; LaFerla, Godfrey; Grech, Godfrey
2014Early identification of asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease in smokersEllul, Christian; Mizzi, Anabelle; Formosa, Cynthia
2012The effect of maternal smoking during pregnancy on low birth weight.Curmi Cassar, Nicholas
2014The effectiveness of school smoking cessation programs amongst adolescentsVassallo Penza, Jolene
2000Fort Chambrey, Gozo (Malta)Wood, John
2001Four Ottoman pipes at Casa Rocca PiccolaWood, John
2017Il-Huttafa : issue 142 : September-October 2017BirdLife Malta
2022The impact of cigarette smoking on atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseaseMontebello, Kaylie (2022)
2021Is chronic low back pain and radicular neuropathic pain associated with smoking and a higher nicotine dependence? A cross-sectional study using the DN4 and the Fagerström test for nicotine dependenceSchembri, Emanuel; Massalha, Victoria; Camilleri, Liberato; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen
2000Maltese chibouks. The Libyan connection?Wood, John