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Title: Metaverse education : opportunities and challenges for immersive learning in virtual environments
Authors: Camilleri, Mark Anthony
Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
Keywords: Metaverse
Open learning
Virtual reality
Shared virtual environments
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: ACM Digital Library
Citation: Camilleri, M.A. & Camilleri, A.C. (2023). Metaverse education: Opportunities and challenges for immersive learning in virtual environments. The 4th Asia Conference on Computers and Communications (ACCC 2023), Shanghai.
Abstract: This research identifies key terms related to the Metaverse. It investigates the pros and cons of using this immersive technology for educational purposes. The findings suggest that the Metaverse provides multi sensory experiences in three-dimensional (3D) environments and enables individuals to interact with other users and physical objects in virtual worlds. Yet, they also indicate that there are a number of challenges that have to be dealt with, including the cost of the infrastructure; the degree of freedom of its users; regulatory concerns, privacy and security of the personal data; as well as possible addictions and mental health issues if individuals are exposed to prolonged use, among others. This contribution implies that there is scope for educators to continue developing the Metaverse’s virtual spaces as it can create infinite possibilities for the development of the students’ knowledge, competences and abilities. At the same time, educators and students ought to be warned and properly informed about its possible dangers.
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