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Title: Il-hrejjef, l-gherf u l-magija 1 : programs 1-17
Authors: Agius, Margaret
Keywords: Symbolism
Fairy tales
Perrault, Charles, 1628-1703
Grimm, Wilhelm, 1786-1859
Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Agius, M. (Producer & Presenter). (2013). Il-Hrejjef, l-Gherf u l-Magija 1 [Radio series]. Malta: Campus FM
Abstract: Margaret Agius explores the symbolism, eroticism, psychology and wisdom of fairy tales. Some of the themes explored in this first series are: the origin of fairy tales, Aesop's fables, the 'Gahan' of Malta and other countries, the Russian fairy tales, the Italian fairy tales and Rhodopis and Egypt and many more.
Description: A series of programs that explore the symbolism, eroticism, psychology and wisdom behind the fairy tales of our childhood. Produced and presented by Margaret Agius.
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Hrejjef 1 .mp3radio program25.84 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 2.mp3radio program25.44 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef3.mp3radio program26.43 MBUnknownView/Open
HREJJEF4.mp3radio program25.74 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef5 Il Gahan Malti u dak Barrani.mp3radio program38.82 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 6 Il hrejjef u l Vant nofshani.mp3radio program22.16 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 7 l-ikbar tezor tal hrejjef.mp3radio program26.72 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 8 Rhodopis u l Egittu.mp3radio program24.47 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 9.mp3radio program25.75 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 10.mp3radio program25.67 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 11 straparola.mp3radio program25.92 MBUnknownView/Open
hrejjef 12 bazila.mp3radio program25.09 MBUnknownView/Open
Hrejjef 13 Madame D Aulnoy .mp3radio program26.43 MBUnknownView/Open
Hrejjef 14 il kittieba nisa francizi.mp3radio program13.26 MBUnknownView/Open
Hrejjef 15 Charles Perrault.mp3radio program26.44 MBUnknownView/Open
Hrejjef 16 L Ahwa Grimm.mp3radio program25.61 MBUnknownView/Open
Hrejjef 17 L Ahwa Grimm.2mp3.mp3radio program24.64 MBUnknownView/Open

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