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The Department of Education Studies is mainly responsible for teaching in the areas of educational theory, particularly Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Education. The department also offers courses in a variety of related and inter-disciplinary fields, including: history of education, research methods, policy-making, comparative education, curriculum studies and adult education. Currently, it houses five programmes, namely: The Programme for Critical and Creative Thinking in Education, The Programme for Education in Corrective Facilities, The Comparative Education Programme, The Programme for Culturally Responsive Education, Adult Education Programme. A hallmark of the Department is its attempt to develop and sustain a dynamic relationship between educational theory and practice, particularly by bringing analysis and empirical research to bear on educational issues that are topical in Malta and elsewhere. The department has a very high national and international research profile, with publications by its members guiding local and international educational decision-making and appearing in top refereed journals. A number of staff members also serve as advisers to the editorial boards of several journals, and have been involved as consultants with both local and foreign governmental and non-governmental organisations on a variety of projects.


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