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Title: Il-Maltin min huma? : programs 1-17
Authors: Grech, Sergio
Keywords: Identity
Colonialism -- Malta
Malta -- History
Frendo, Henry, 1948- .
Falzon, Mark Anthony
Friggieri, Oliver, 1947-
Zahra, Trevor, 1947-
Borg, Joe
Azzopardi, Mario Philip, 1950-
Pirotta, Godfrey Anthony, 1947-
Briguglio, Michael, 1975-
Grima, Joseph F., 1945-
Inguanez, Joe, 1943-
Cassar, George
Tedesco, Karmen, 1948-
Brincat, Josie
Grima, Adrian, 1968-
Persons -- Malta
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Grech, S. (Producer & Presenter). (2010). Il-Maltin min huma? [Radio series]. Malta: Campus FM
Abstract: A series of programs that explores the character and nature of the Maltese people. Sergio Grech interviews sociologists, historians and anthropologists and discusses with them the things that are said about the Maltese people and which are true and which are prejudices and/or lack of self-confidence of the Maltese themselves. So who are the Maltese people?
Description: A series of programs produced and presented by Sergio Grech who, with the help of historians, anthropologists and sociologists, explore the character and nature of the Maltese people.
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