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Title: EU funding for research projects at the University of Malta
Authors: Farrugia, Kelly
Keywords: Accounting -- Research -- European Union countries
University of Malta
Project managers -- Malta
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Purpose: This study assesses the EU funding process for research projects at the University of Malta (UoM). This includes an evaluation of the current support system provided by the UoM and an identification of the problems which emerge throughout the process. The study also identifies areas where possible improvements can be made. Design: The research, which is qualitative in nature, was carried out through semistructured interviews which were held with 14 project managers from the UoM. Six other interviews were also conducted with personnel from the UoM’s Project Support Office (PSO) and European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) Office, as well as the Funds and Programmes Division (FPD) and the Planning and Priorities Coordination Division (PPCD). Findings: The process of EU funding involves a number of steps and procedures that must be undertaken. The level of complexity and bureaucracy is high, although no major problems were identified throughout the entire process. The administrative support provided by the UoM in these projects appears to be highly adequate, especially in handling the financial aspect of the project. In fact, the respondents failed to identify the need for the services of an external accountant to provide help on the project, since much of this work is already being carried out by the PSO, in conjunction with the UoM’s Finance Office. Conclusions: Despite the existence of a strong support structure to facilitate the process of engaging in EU funded research projects, more can be done to further strengthen the system. Indeed, the recommendations emanating from this study could further enhance the research activity at the UoM, reduce the loss of funds and encourage more academics to engage in such projects. Implications/Value: Finance is a scarce resource for many universities and the UoM is no exception to this. EU funds provide an important source of finance for research projects, thereby necessitating the careful management and efficient use of such funds. Having a good support structure is essential in aiding and encouraging academics to engage in such projects. This study therefore identifies areas for further improvement, so as to enhance the research activity at the UoM and maximise the benefits achieved through the use of EU funds.
Description: M.ACCTY.
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