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Title: Editorial [Antae, Vol.2(3)] 
Authors: Caruana, Christine
Fiott, Elsa
Keywords: Editorials
Issue Date: 2015-11
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of English
Citation: Caruana, C., & Fiott, E. (2015). Editorial. Antae Journal, 2(3), 136-138.
Abstract: Boredom makes time a problem. In order to prevent the onslaught of boredom, Plato construes his notion of an ideal society in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of free time, which hinders us from keeping busy perfecting the basic tasks required for our survival, and fuels, instead, a desire for something other. In this manner, life becomes extravagantly complicated with what Plato terms ‘luxuries’: the spectrum of possibility, much like the spread of a peacock’s tail, a handicap.
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Antae Journal, Volume 2, Issue 3

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