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Title: The medicinal qualities of snow
Authors: Frendo, Maria
Keywords: Snow in literature
Winter in literature
Discourse analysis, Literary
Issue Date: 2016-04
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of English
Citation: Frendo, M. (2016). The medicinal qualities of snow. Antae Journal, 3(1), 5-11.
Abstract: I think I had a touch of swine flu the other week. Just a touch, you understand—not the whole hog. Even so, my limbs felt as heavy as Parsifal without the attendant mythic vision, my voice descended to sepulchral realms un-trod even by Russian basses, and a backing cough sent my ageing body into the kind of spasms that used to kill Romantic poets and Puccini heroines on a weekly basis. To make matters worse, I am not even joking. It became even more catastrophic when I felt haunted by the pressing need to ‘read, think, and write’, for I was scheduled to submit a paper to antae: A Postgraduate Journal on the Interspaces of English Studies in just a few days.
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Antae Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1

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