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Title: The 'Universitas Gaudisii' under the Order of St. John, from the mid-seventeenth century to 1700
Authors: Pace, Nickolas
Keywords: Knights of Malta -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 17th century
Knights of Malta -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 18th century
Regionalism -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 17th century
Regionalism -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 18th century
Local government -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 17th century
Local government -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 18th century
Order of St John -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 17th century
Order of St John -- Malta -- Gozo -- History -- 18th century
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The following dissertation is an analytical examination of the municipal Università of Gozo (Universitas Gaudisii) between the mid-seventeenth century and 1700 whilst the Maltese islands were under the governorship of the Order of St. John. The principal primary sources utilised for this study are the numerous registers which form part of the Universitas Gaudisii archives which are retained in the National Archives (Gozo Section). Through the research and consultation of these documents, the many facets which contributed to the composition, build-up and purpose of the Gozitan municipal institution were defined. Chapter I acts as an introduction, detailing a historiography of the Maltese islands, the Mediterranean and Europe during the Order’s rule of the islands (with particular focus on the seventeenth century and how the Gozitan Università (and its Maltese counterparts) fit in the wider picture). Further details include years prior to the arrival of the Order in Malta and Gozo and its final years at the end of the eighteenth century. Chapter II relates to the structure and office functionality of the Gozitan municipality and includes details on the officials appointed within the institution and their required roles. More so it incorporates comparisons with the Università of Gozo, its sister counterparts in Malta and the Università of Palermo. Chapter III covers the various revenues and expenditures which the municipality received, spent and calculated. It also includes explanations on the different accounts and depositories used by the Università and further compares financial implications with that of Malta. Chapter IV encompasses the relationships the Gozitan Università retained with the population and the Order of St. John, and also includes references to the functionality between itself and its Maltese counterparts. It further includes the relevant enforcement procedures, governing methods and supportive measures utilised on the population and its accord with the Order itself. Chapter V comprises of and details the defensive structures and armed forces utilised within Gozo and the responsibilities of the municipality and the Order in its relevant maintenance and upkeep. Fortifications such as the Castello (Citadel), coastal towers and guard posts and military forces such as the militia, and Musketeer and Calvary Regiments are all included and explained within. Chapter VI acts as a general conclusion which sums up and analyses the varied aspects mentioned throughout each of the previously mentioned chapters, with the further inclusion of final notes and concluding remarks.
Description: M.A.HISTORY
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