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Title: What's the story? : programs 1-18
Authors: Chambers, Monique
Keywords: Books
Publishers and publishing
Book industries and trade -- Exhibitions
Rejlic, Teodor
Gruppetta, Christopher
Muscat, Maria
Mallia, Gorg, 1957-
Galea, Malcolm
Salone, Michael
Eldridge, Lizzie
Smith, Marcelle d'Argy
Ellul, Leanne, 1989- .
Scicluna Zahra, Moira
Żahra, Trevor, 1947-
Chectcuti, Kristina
Timmons, Jane
Scicluna, Ryan, 1990-
Rizzo, Jeanine
Werner, Mark
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Chambers, M. (Producer & Presenter). (2016). What's the story? [Radio Program]. Campus FM
Abstract: This series of programs is intended to encourage people to start writing and is the journey from the writing concept to the finished and published book. There are various authors and publishers who share their expertise with presenter Monique Chambers, including: Teodor Rejlic (Prog.1) Chris Gruppetta (Progs. 2 & 11) Maria Muscat (Prog.3) Gorg Mallia (Prog.4) Malcolm Galea (Prog.5) Michael Salone (Prog.6) Lizzie Eldridge (Prog.7) Marcelle D'Argy Smith (Prog.8) Leanne Ellul (Prog.9) Moira Scicluna Zahra (Prog.10) Trevor Zahra 9prog.12) Kristina Chetcuti (Prog. 13) Jane Timmons (Prog.14) Ryan Scicluna (Prog. 15) Monique Chambers (Prog.16) Dr Jeanine Rizzo (Prog.17) and Mark Warner (Prog.18).
Description: Monique Chambers, producer and presenter of this series, meets authors, publishers and others involved in the process that goes into writing and publishing one's own book.
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