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Title: Mixed methods research in the health sciences : a review
Authors: Fiorini, Luke
Griffiths, Amanda
Houdmont, Jonathan
Keywords: Mixed methods research
Research -- Methodology
Medical sciences -- Research -- Methodology
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Malta Journal of Health Sciences
Citation: Fiorini, L., Griffiths, A. & Houdmont, J. (2016). Mixed methods research in the health sciences : a review. Malta Journal for Health Sciences, 3(2), 37-45
Abstract: This paper provides health science researchers new to mixed methods research with a review of the purpose of mixed method studies, an overview of the debate surrounding the method’s philosophical underpinnings and a discussion of the most popular mixed method design classifications. It is argued that despite its limitations, mixed methods research has contributed to health science research, and allows researchers to profit from the benefits of combining quantitative and qualitative data in the same study while minimising their individual shortcomings. In so doing, researchers are able to answer complex real world research questions typical of the health sciences. Additionally, it is argued that mixed methods research in the health sciences is best served by the paradigm of pragmatism and that while various mixed method typologies exist, the most popular classifications have common elements.
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MJHS, Volume 3, Issue 2
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