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Title: The era of the digital society : is there still scope for traditional marketing?
Authors: Micallef, George
Keywords: Internet marketing -- Malta
Beverage industry -- Malta
Marketing -- Malta
Advertising -- Malta
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study is to establish whether in this digital driven society, traditional media is still used and accepted both by the supplier and by the consumer. Design/Methodology/Approach: A number of journals related to online and traditional marketing were analysed and discussed. Qualitative in-depth interviews were done with Kinnie and Cisk Lager brand managers to discover strategies used from the supplier’s point of view. A qualitative focus group was formed to help in formulating questions for the survey. A quantitative survey was distributed to a sample size of the targeted population. Both the interviews and surveys collected were evaluated and debated to understand the use and effectiveness of traditional and online marketing related to Kinnie and Cisk Lager. Findings: The increase and shift from traditional marketing to online marketing gives the impression that the former is diminishing and soon may no longer be of use. Results show that the shift is happening and marketing managers are investing their limited budgets in media that give return. Results indicate that traditional marketing is still strong both from the supplier’s and consumers’ perspectives. Although the media tool mostly utilised in 24 hours is browsing the internet, when taking a purchasing decision, customers tend to mainly trust word of mouth, TV and radio adverts. Research limitations / implications: To establish clear and direct results, the study focused on the local beverage industry. Moreover, it was aimed to tackle only the advertising effects of two local products. This focus is the main limitation of the study as it is only related to Kinnie and Cisk Lager. Practical Implications: From this study one can understand why in this digital era traditional marketing tools are still utilised by Farsons to advertise Kinnie and Cisk Larger. Originality / Value: Since online marketing is everywhere, it is taken for granted that traditional media is dying a natural death. Although the study concentrates only on the local beverage industry, results acknowledge the fact that traditional media is still engaging. The originality and value of this research speak out as the products chosen are consumed on average by the majority of the locals. Moreover, advertising of Kinnie and Cisk Lager is taken for granted, undermining how and what channels are used to advertise these well-known products that are part of our local culture.
Description: EXECUTIVE M.B.A.
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