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Title: Accurate modelling of Ka-band videoconferencing systems based on the quality of experience
Authors: Farrugia, Reuben A.
Debono, Carl James
Keywords: Artificial satellites in telecommunication
Multimedia communications
Quality of service (Computer networks)
Issue Date: 2009-01
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation: Farrugia, R. A., & Debono, C. J. (2009). Accurate modelling of Ka-band videoconferencing systems based on the quality of experience. IET Communications, 3(1), 67-74.
Abstract: Ka-band satellite multimedia communication networks play important roles because of their capability to provide the required bandwidth in remote places of the globe. However, because of design complexity, in practice they suffer from poor design and performance degradation because of being practically forced to guarantee acceptable end-user satisfaction in conditions of extremely low bit error rates, which is emphasised with the vulnerability of compressed video content to transmission errors, often impossible to be applied during the service development phase. A novel discrete event simulation model is presented, which provides performance estimation for such systems based on subjective measurement and a better quality of experience. The authors show that the proposed model reduces implementation cost and is flexible to be used for different network topologies around the globe.
Description: This work formed part of the project TWISTER, which was financially supported under the European Union 6th Framework Programme (FP6). The authors are solely responsible for the contents of the paper, which does not represent the opinion of the European Commission.
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