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Title: Analysis and compensation of inverter nonlinearity effect on a sensorless PMSM drive at very low and zero speed operation
Authors: Raute, Reiko
Caruana, Cedric
Spiteri Staines, Cyril
Cilia, Joseph
Sumner, Mark
Asher, Greg M.
Keywords: Permanent magnet motors
Electric motors, Alternating current
Electric driving -- Automatic control
Reluctance motors -- Automatic control
Electric machinery
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Raute, R., Caruana, C., Staines, C. S., Cilia, J., Sumner, M., & Asher, G. M. (2010). Analysis and compensation of inverter nonlinearity effect on a sensorless PMSM drive at very low and zero speed operation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 57(12), 4065-4074.
Abstract: It has been well established in the literature that inverter nonlinearity effects afflict saliency-based sensorless drives. The inverter nonlinearity leads to the generation of signals that corrupt the useful position information. The resulting effect differs depending on the injection approach utilized in the drive. Various compensation techniques to overcome this effect have been published in the literature. This paper is concerned with the zero-vector current-derivative technique. The effect of the varying on -state resistance of the inverter power devices on the position signal is investigated in detail. Knowledge of the source of the corrupting signals facilitates compensation and determines its applicability. Two approaches for inverter nonlinearity compensation are compared. The first approach utilizes a lookup table from offline-processed data, while the second one is a simpler approach based on the current-dependent resistance characteristic of the inverter switching devices. Experimental performance under sensorless condition is shown for both approaches.
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