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Title: Urban waterfronts : learning from legacies lessons from the past pointers for the future
Authors: Jones, Andrew
Keywords: Waterfronts
Waterfronts -- Conservation and restoration
Docks -- Conservation and restoration
Urban renewal
Issue Date: 2013-07-31
Publisher: Union Print
Citation: Jones, A. (2013). Urban waterfronts : learning from legacies lessons from the past pointers for the future. Regenerating Maltese and Sicilian Waterfronts : Perspectives from Two Mediterranean Islands, Kalkara. 1-16.
Abstract: This paper will investigate the contemporary issues in waterfront regeneration strategies. It will aim to evaluate and analyse the legacies from past national waterfront projects through case examples and review policy practices, trends and issues that pertain to waterfront regeneration and the impact of these within tourism and cultural contexts. Specifically the paper has several objectives which will aim to identify the legacies and lessons learnt from waterfront regeneration projects. In this context past policy contexts for waterfront regeneration and the key interests between the broad and diverse stakeholder groups are reviewed. Key roles between that of the public and private sectors in the regeneration process and the often conflicting and controversial issues that result are explored. The paper will also review the historical contexts and nature of waterfront regeneration projects, especially American influences, and the extent to which projects in the US have been transposed to adapt to the European contexts. Case examples will be used to illustrate good and bad practices. In this respect the paper highlights the current issues that policy makers should consider when investing in waterfront projects . As such the paper gives pointers and recommendations for the direction of future waterfront development strategies which in essence, it concludes, should aim to accommodate more inclusive, socially responsible, culturally relevant and integrated planning development objectives to ensure future success.
ISBN: 978999059055
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