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Title: A tale of two frogs
Authors: Schembri, Patrick J.
Keywords: Frogs -- Malta -- Gozo
Introduced amphibians -- Malta -- Ta' Sarraflu
Alytidae -- Malta
Ranidae -- Malta -- Ta' Sarraflu
Discoglossus -- Malta
Pelophylax -- Malta -- Ta' Sarraflu
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: University of Malta. Gozo Campus
Citation: Schembri, P. J. (2010). A tale of two frogs. Gozo Observer, 22, 3-7.
Abstract: There are only two species that are presently found living in the wild in the Maltese Islands: the Painted Frog (scientifically Discoglossus pictus) and Bedriaga’s Frog (scientifically Rana bedriagae also known as Pelophylax bedriagae). The Painted Frog is a true native and semi-fossilized bones of this species have been found in the superficial deposits at Ghar Dalam. However, Bedriaga’s Frog is a recent arrival that seems to have only managed to establish a breeding population in Gozo, sometime in the late 1990s. The Painted Frog is the only native living amphibian in the Maltese Islands; however, a few years ago, amateur herpetologist Arnold Sciberras, discovered a thriving population of a different species of frogs in the freshwater pool at Ta’ Sarraflu in Gozo; the Bedriaga’s Frog. The presence of Bedriaga’s Frog at Ta’ Sarraflu is worrying as it has a negative impact on the ecology and biota of the surrounding area.
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The Gozo Observer - Issue 22, June 2010

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