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Title: Parental identity, lifelong learning and school
Authors: Mendel, Maria
Keywords: Identity (Psychology)
Continuing education
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Mendel, M. (2016). Parental identity, lifelong learning and school. Malta Review for Educational Research, 10(1), 145-168.
Abstract: This text presents the thoughts derived from empirical, qualitative research carried out in a small group of parents of school-age children. Although the research terrain was Poland, the problems here considered revolve around the broad issue of parental identity, especially in a context of the concept of Lifelong Learning. Conclusions are built upon an exploratory description of parental identity, which gives support to the assumption that it is the identity of a lifelong learner, shaped more or less independently of the LLL's political context, largely dominated by economic interests. In the light of this, the following intriguing question needs to be answered: what is the significance of this context for the parents—school relationship? By becoming part of a new educational order under the banner of LLL, this relationship may be molded into a better shape. Final reflections refer to the research results, including the multi-dimensional structure – a hologram parental identity, which, together with a set of more detailed categories, made it possible to formulate prospective proposals focusing on the concept of the school as a chora (khôra, Derrida, 1993), a place craving for new meanings. Located in the perspective of spatialised thought, they direct our attention to the methods of critical analysis regarding the space of school – parents relationships, a space of formative importance in parental self-creation. Solutions built on such methods fall outside the traditional binarism that favours the ossification of order based on teacher's authority, and allow for the creation of new ways of representations, new school policies, etc.
ISSN: 17269725
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MRER, Volume 10, Issue 1

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