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Title: Education for sustainable development : current discourses and practices and their relevance to technology education
Authors: Leal Filho, Walter
Manolas, Evangelos
Pace, Paul J.
Keywords: Sustainable development -- Study and teaching
Environmental education
Educational technology
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Leal Filho, W., Manolas, E., & Pace, P. J. (2009). Education for sustainable development: current discourses and practices and their relevance to technology education. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 19(2), 149-165.
Abstract: Technology education is a well-established field of knowledge whose applications have many ramifications. For example, technology education may be used as a tool in meeting the challenges of sustainable development. However, the usefulness of technology education to the sustainability debate as a whole and to education for sustainable development in particular, has largely been overlooked in the past. Indeed, there is a paucity of academic studies which examine the contribution technology education may provide to education for sustainable development. On the basis of the need to address this knowledge gap, this paper reviews the state of affairs in relation to education for sustainable development and considers its links and appropriateness to technology education. A further objective of this paper is to present examples of initiatives and existing practices around the world, drawing partly from the results of the 1st European Conference on Education for Sustainable Development held in Greece in October 2007, as well as from other initiatives undertaken in Europe and North America. Finally, some measures that may be adopted in order to enhance the contribution of technology education to education for sustainable development are outlined.
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