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Title: Possible connections between theology and artistic beauty. The case of Caravaggio
Authors: Sultana, Mark
Keywords: Christianity and the arts
Aesthetics -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Art and religion
Christian art and symbolism
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Theology
Citation: Sultana, M. (2008). Possible connections between theology and artistic beauty. The case of Caravaggio. Melita Theologica, 59(2), 61-69.
Abstract: Is it really the case that one could hope to build a theology around artistic beauty when one considers that theology is traditionally seen as being involved with truth? For, surely it is with ultimate Truth that the theologian is concerned. Of course, for the romantic imagination of the poet, beauty is truth and truth beauty; however, one can easily think of many beautiful images and conceptions which appear to bear little relation to truth. It is, after all, rather easy to be deceived by fair appearances. Even if one were to hold that Beauty and Truth are one in the unity of the transcendentals, in our more mundane encounters, it seems obvious that artistic beauty is no guarantee of truth. The same appears to be the case with goodness; it seems evident that a truly beautiful artifact does not say anything about the moral character of its maker.
ISSN: 10129588
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MT - Volume 59, Issue 2 - 2008
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