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Title: Policy options for the thermal upgrade of existing Maltese housing stock : an environmental and economic approach
Authors: Saliba, Joseph
Weissenbacher, Manfred
Keywords: Architecture and energy conservation -- Malta
Buildings -- Repair and reconstruction -- Malta
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: University of Malta. Institute for Sustainable Energy
Citation: Saliba, J., & Weissenbacher, M. (2014). Policy options for the thermal upgrade of existing Maltese housing stock : an environmental and economic approach. Sustainable Energy 2014 : The ISE Annual conference, Qawra. 17-24.
Abstract: This study formulates and evaluates policy options to identify the most economically viable means to accomplish the thermal upgrade of the existing residential buildings stock in Malta. In a first step, policies adopted in various EU countries have been reviewed to determine their benefits, success, and adaptability to Maltese settings. The UK and Germany were found to have progressed significantly in this area, and their policies were consequently reviewed in greater detail. While climatic differences are less important in the policy context, it is imperative to understand the processes that allowed such countries to arrive at their present state of policy adoption. Sudden introduction of hefty measures and policies that took years to be implemented and accepted in other countries may be counterproductive. In a second step, it was surveyed how Maltese stakeholders are viewing different policy options in terms of technological, social, environmental, and economic impact. In a third step, a detailed techno-economic analysis was performed to compare the energy saving effect of various energy efficiency measures with their cost in relation to heating/cooling expenditures of Maltese households. Based on this analysis, investment into roof insulation is the prime measure to be recommended.
ISBN: 9789995706685
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