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Title: Increasing PV module output with flat reflectors – a scenario in Malta
Authors: Grech, Martin
Mule Stagno, Luciano
Yousif, Charles
Keywords: Photovoltaic power generation -- Equipment and supplies -- Malta
Renewable energy sources -- Malta
Photovoltaic power systems -- Technological innovations -- Malta
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: University of Malta. Institute for Sustainable Energy
Citation: Grech, M., Mule Stagno, L., & Yousif, C. (2013). Increasing PV module output with flat reflectors – a scenario in Malta. The ISE Annual Conference, Qawra. 1-6.
Abstract: The output of photovoltaic (PV) modules is related to the solar radiation incident on their surface. The immediate surroundings of the modules may reflect a considerable amount of radiation on to them, thus affecting their performance and output. This paper explores ways of improving the output of PV modules installed in Malta, with the aid of flat plate reflectors installed in front of the modules. This study focused on the effect that different types of reflective materials have on the PV modules’ output. Two sets of reflectors were studied. The first set consisted of reflectors that can be set at an angle to the horizontal, while the second set emulates different flat roof surfaces. The output of PV modules was measured and compared for each case. Measurements started in October 2012 and are still ongoing. The aim is to study the effect of reflecting surfaces and the PV modules output, and to determine the effect of the inclination of reflector. Results have so far shown that a potential increase of up to 15% maybe achieved by aluminium reflectors during the winter seasons.
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