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Title: Evaluation of different methods for determining the angle of attack on wind turbine blades with CFD results under axial inflow conditions
Authors: Rahimi, Hamid
Schepers, Gerard
Shen, Wen Zhong
Ramos Garcia, Nestor
Schneider, Marc
Micallef, Daniel
Simao Ferreira, Carlos
Jost, Eva
Klein, Levin
Herraez, Ivan
Keywords: Fluid dynamics
Wind turbines
Axial flow
Computational fluid dynamics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Cornell University Library
Citation: Rahimi, H., Schepers, J.G., Shen, W. Z., Ramos Garcia, N., Schneider, M.S, Micallef, D., .. Herraez, I. (2017). Evaluation of different methods for determining the angle of attack on wind turbine blades with CFD results under axial inflow conditions. arXiv preprint 1709.04298.
Abstract: This work presents an investigation on different methods for the calculation of the angle of attack and the underlying induced velocity on wind turbine blades using data obtained from three dimensional computational fluid dynamics. Several methods were examined and their advantages as well as shortcomings were presented. The investigations were performed for flows past two 10MW reference wind turbines under axial inflow conditions, namely the 10MW turbines designed in the EU AVATAR and INNWIND.EU projects. The results shown that the evaluated methods are in good agreement with each other at the mid-span, though some deviations were observed at the root and tip regions of the blades. Using any of the proposed methods, it is possible to obtain airfoil characteristics for lift and drag coefficients as a function of the angle of attack. Furthermore, by using the extracted data new correction models can be derived for blade element momentum calculations.
Description: The authors would like to thank Niels N. Sørensen from DTU for providing the CFD simulations. This project has received partly funding from the European Union 7th framework program for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement No FP7- ENERGY-2013-1/no 608396 (AVATAR project). This work has also partly supported by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP-2014, J. nr. 64014-0543) under the Danish Energy Agency.
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