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Title: Non intrusive 3D load calculation during yaw conditions
Authors: Campo, Vanessa del
Ragni, Daniele
Micallef, Daniel
Akay, Busra
Diez, Francisco Javier
Simao Ferreira, Carlos
Keywords: Horizontal axis wind turbines
Particle image velocimetry
Turbine -- Blades
Axial flow
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Europe’s Premier Wind Energy
Citation: Del Campo, V., Ragni, D., Micallef, D., Akay, B., Diez, J., & Simao Ferreira, C. (2013). Non intrusive 3D load calculation during yaw conditions. In EWEC 2013-European Wind Energy Conference, 1-7.
Abstract: The blade of a scaled down Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine working in Yawed Flow conditions has been investigated by means of Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry. The goal was to obtain, simultaneously, the 3D velocity field surrounding the blade, the pressure distribution around it and the aerodynamic loads being exerted on the blade, responsible for thrust and torque.
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