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Title: Editorial [Antae, Vol. 4(2-3)]
Authors: Aquilina, Aaron
Micallef, Jeffrey
Keywords: Editorials
Arts -- Malta
Nationalism -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017-10
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of English
Citation: Aquilina, A., & Micallef, J. (2017). Editorial. Antae Journal, 4(2-3), 132-136.
Abstract: This issue, an exploration of the relationship between Malta and the arts, is a markedly different one from antae’s past publications. Not only is this our first double-issue, owing mainly to the number of contributions presented here, but this is also the first issue to have invited solely local submissions as opposed to our standard call for papers, which is typically circulated internationally. The reasons for this decision were manifold, but were principally driven by that tired claim that there is neither creative nor critical thought to be found within the islands’ shores, or at least nothing of considerable quality that can match what is produced elsewhere. While the reasoning behind this line of thinking is severely complex—where to unravel it would mean delving into historical, political, economic, social, and psychological aspects, often with incommensurable nuances—such a claim is undoubtedly challenged by the interviews, poetry, prose, and academic articles published here. The authors here thinking of Malta, its people and its arts, whether overtly so or in more subtle tones, demonstrate both critical thought and some of its most palpable products: critically informed writing, and writing that in turn challenges critical thought itself.
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Antae Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2-3

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