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Title: The Siege of Malta, 1565, revisited
Authors: Mallia-Milanes, Victor
Keywords: Malta -- History -- Siege, 1565
Siege, 1565
Order of St John -- History -- 16th century
Knights of Malta -- History -- 16th century
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Malta University Historical Society
Citation: Mallia-Milanes, V. (2015). The Siege of Malta, 1565, revisited. Storja 2015, 1-18.
Abstract: It was a fearsome spectacle of violent determination, of pikes and flashing scimitars, of muskets, bows and arrows, of howling men, thousands of them, in colourful turbans waving banners and invoking divine assistance in their imminent jihad, and of Janissaries,' the Ottoman Empire's elite and most disciplined standing force of infantrymen, indeed its armour of self-confidence. The formidable Ottoman armada, under the command of Piale Pasha, with Mustafa Pasha as general of the land forces, to be joined later by Dragut's corsair fleet and that of Hasan Pasha of Algiers, arrived at the shores of Hospitaller Malta on 18 May 1565. The next day, some 23-25,000 Turks disembarked. To resist them were 500 Hospitallers and some 8,000 men.
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