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Title: Storja 2001
Keywords: Malta -- History -- Periodicals
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Malta University Historical Society
Citation: Frendo, H. (Ed.). (2001). Storja 2001.
Abstract: Contents: Editorial : regard for history and historians by editorial board – Husband–wife relations in late medieval Malta 1486-1488 by Stefan Cachia – Taxation and tax evasion in 15th century Malta 1450-1499 by Vanessa Bezzina – Towards bibliographical understanding : the Maltese printed product 1642-1839 by William Zammit – Prison life in Malta in the 18th century : Valletta’s Gran Prigione by David Borg-Muscat – Giving birth in 19th century Gozo 1876-1893 by C. Savona-Ventura – Health policy under self-government 1921-1934 by Violet Brincat – Banco di Roma’s Mediterranean thrust 1900-1952 by J. A. Consiglio – Can a new history save Europe from its past? by Henry Frendo – Enlightenment and popaganda : prohibited literature in Malta between 1700 and 1789 by William Zammit – Book reviews : Henry Frendo, The Origins of Maltese Statehood. A Case Study of Decolonization in the Mediterranean and Carmelo Vassallo, The Malta Chamber of Commerce 1848-1979. An Outline History of Maltese Trade – Abstracts of history-related thesis : Vanessa Bezzina, 'The Administration of the Maltese Islands, 1450-1499: A Study of the Acta Iuratorum et Consilii Civitatis et Insulae Maltae.' B.A. Hons. History, 1999, Stefan Cachia, 'The Family and the Land in Late Medieval Malta: A Study of the Acts of Notary J. Zabbara, 1486-1488.' B.A. Hons. History, 1999 Shirley Mifsud, 'The Commandery of Sacile and Pordenone.' B.A.Hons. History, 1999, William Zammit, 'Printing and its Cultural Role in Malta during the Rule of the Order of St. John.' M.A. History, 1995 and David Borg-Muscat, 'Absolutism and the Power of Social Control in Malta: 1775-1825.' M.A. History, 1999 – A select list of history-related dissertations – An overview of Melitensia books , 1990-1996.
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Storja 2001
Storja 2001

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