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Title: Theology of the liturgy : mystery-presence theory
Authors: Howell, Clifford
Keywords: Mystery -- Biblical teaching
Mystery -- History of doctrines
Revelation -- Christianity
Issue Date: 1966
Publisher: The Royal University Students' Theological Association
Citation: Howell, C. (1966). Theology of the liturgy : mystery-presence theory. Melita Theologica, 18(2), 37-45.
Abstract: By His redemptive work Christ reconciled man with God, so that man's sin could be forgiven, and the way to Heaven was opened. The question is: How does all this profit each one of us? What view of the christian life resuIts from the work of Christ? I find it very difficult now, after years of viewing things from a liturgical standpoint, to recall the outlook on our faith in which I was brought up and which, I am sure, was not dispelled by what I was taught in Theology, but only made more detailed. But so far as I can remember, it was something like this: By original sin, man was estranged from God, deprived of grace and preternatural gifts, excluded from heaven. Christ, by his sufferings and death, placated God's outraged majesty and won pardon; He also won a vast ocean of grace which He was now in a position to distribute to men of subsequent generations, and He founded a Church, equipped to distribute this grace through the sacraments, guaranteed to teach truth, and give sure guidance in moral conduct.
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MT - Volume 18, Issue 2 - 1966

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