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Title: The triliterality of quadriliterals in semitic Maltese
Authors: Serracino-Inglott, Erin
Keywords: Maltese language -- Verb
Semitic languages -- Verb
Issue Date: 1966
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Serracino-Inglott, E. (1966). The triliterality of quadriliterals in semitic Maltese. Journal of Maltese Studies, 3, 47-67.
Abstract: The Maltese language, originally pure Semitic, has developed into such a blend of neo-Latin and Arabic that it can no longer be called a dialect of the latter; nor could it ever be classified as a branch of Sicilian because, despite its evolution within the compass of that primary post Latin speech, its basic morphological and syntactical structure has remained typically Semitic. This article shall delve into the triliterality of Quadriliterals in Semitic Maltese and the panoramic synopsis of the normal quadriliterals in Arabic proper, all present in Maltese, which have not lost their status as an evolution of the triliteral base; and of the special quadriliterals of the extra¬∑inflectional preformative type, as well as of the infixed dissimilating non-geminated type, practically non-existent in known Arabic, and so typical of Maltese.
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JMS, Volume 3

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